1) Are the sulfate-free shampoos at non-salon stores the same as salon-grade?

No, while sulfate-free shampoos may not contain some of the most common surfactants, they may contain less popular ones that are equally bad for your hair. Most higher-end lines are higher-end because of the ingredients they use and a lot are plant-derived = safer for your hair.

2) I have fine limp hair, is conditioner necessary?

Yes, all hair needs a conditioner, even fine hair. People often think that conditioner weighs their hair down but our hair needs moisture. Lack of conditioner can lead to dry, brittle hair prone to breakage.

3) I only shampoo once a week or two, is that ok?

Yes and no. Somewhere down the line, we have gone from shampooing daily to barely shampooing at all. It honestly depends on your routine and lifestyle. While going a few days between washing can benefit the health of your hair, you must remember where healthy hair starts, your scalp. Excessive use of dry shampoo can cause dry flaky scalp. Who the heck wants dandruff? Conditioner cleanser is a great in-between shampooing option. This helps refresh your hair but don’t completely cleanse your hair like traditional shampoo.

4) Are purple shampoos really necessary for blonde hair?

Depends if you want to be a cool blonde or a warm blonde. There’s no doubt that in-salon toners work wonders to control warmth. However, sun exposure, hard water, and the environment can make them fade before you visit the salon again. Because purple shampoos are purple, they help combat yellow brassy tones, straight from your shower.

5) Why does my shampoo not lather?

Ok, the biggest thing to keep in mind when buying salon grade products is that they are very concentrated. Less is more! Your hair needs to be soaking wet when you apply your shampoo. Start at your scalp and focus just there. If you still need more lather, add more water first. If you only shampoo once a week, you’ll more than likely need to shampoo twice. You should only need about a quarter-size amount. After shampoo, wring out hair and apply conditioner to the mid-to-ends of your hair.